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Dokku: Deployment keeps asking for Dokku password

After installing dokku I had problems deploying my app. My server only allows ssh authentication using a key and the ssh service is running on a different port, not 22. So first, although minor, problem was how to tell git to push to different port and not to 22.

This was solved by modifying ~/.ssh/config file and

Host shipit
    HostName 111.222.333.444
    Port 2343
    User dokku
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_shipitkey
    IdentitiesOnly yes

Then you add a remote git repo like so: git remote add ship shipit:awesome-app

After sorting that out I kept getting asked for a password:

$ git push shipit                           
dokku@111.222.333.444's password: 

Had no idea how to solve this, as I’ve used older versions of Dokku in the past. Their troubleshooting page wasn’t helpful nor were some of their GH issues 1, 2, 3.

Solution was to add the ssh key on the Dokku server, as per their docs:

sudo dokku ssh-keys:add id_shipitkey /home/user/.ssh/id_shipitkey.pub

After doing this git push shipit finally worked! ONWARDS!